Five things you should know when preparing to go to the university

However much you simplify it, life at the University is always going to be challenging. But try not to worry! For most people , University life is one of their best experiences.
Here are five things to consider when preparing to start your university

Plan your finances

Whether you are on self sponsorship or government loan you will need to sort out your finances at least a couple of weeks before. Definitely you should not stress about money too much, you wouldn’t want to ruin your education enjoyment but its important that you plan how much you will spend on accommodation, user fees, and food. The majority of first years prefer staying in hostels managed by the University as they they have lots of advantages such as easy access to university facilities like the Library. Renting houses off-campus is a good alternative.
Its important to decide which accommodation you want- as most university managed accommodation are usually on first-come, first save.
Other costs (aside from tuition fees) include course materials such as calculators, lab coats, books etc. You may need a couple of dollars for clothing and upkeep. Finally food, which leads us to the next point.

Learn to cook, if you don’t know already

Eating in restaurants, cafeteria and takeaways may not be good for your budget. Spend a couple times in the kitchen practicing how to prepare your favorite food. This will save your life for a couple of more years- you ought to eat healthy food

Start Reading

If you have access to your course content/outline, utilize the remaining time reading. This will give you an idea of what to expect in your course. You may also buy recommended books for your courses or download them for free online. Needless to say you do not need to own all the recommended books, just identify the core ones and have them.

Make it for Orientations

Most universities have orientation programs aimed to help students settle. Get involved as much as possible, this is often the time students make friends. Orientation programs happen usually in the first week(s) of reporting.

Organize, Organize, Organize!!!

It might be helpful that you organize everything you will need for your studies. With the accelerating use technology it may be helpful you get gadgets like laptops, smartphone, a printer and many other things you will need for your course work.

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