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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy these products on your store now?

Yes!!! You can buy any products as long as its delivered on your location.

There's been a lot of scams in Zambia, can I trust this?

Yes. Note that we do not in any way ask you to send money to us. The available payments method is Cash on delivery. You order any thing then fill in all the needed details and you will pay when the items are shipped where you are. You can simply trust us.

Is this only for Students at UNZA?

No. anyone is free to buy on wilframe regardless of physical location.
However, be sure to check out the delivery points (shipping zones) of the products you are buying and related costs.

Can I sell my items on wilframe?

Yes. However you have to meet our eligibility criteria. Our criteria is aimed to verify the genuineness of your products. contact [email protected] to find out.

How can I know someone has bought my products and i need to deliver?

If you sell on our site and a customer has purchased your products, you will receive a notification through an sms and email regarding your sale as well as all the details about your customer.

Not helpful; I need to talk to an agent?

Click here to send us your querries.